A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Meet Manchi an alien foreigner who just happens to be a target of many diseases and infectionsYou have to defend him by warning him of all of the diseases on Earth. Join Manchi and his Maracas in this scientifically awesome journey!


  • Learn about some of the most infectious diseases that have terrorized the world!
  • Practice your knowledge by trying to achieve a perfect score! 
  • Save Manchi and his Maracas from all of the monsters carrying diseases!

Thanks to

JapanYoshiTheGamer for the sound effects,

josuaempyre for "Arcade Music Loop",  

Brackeys and Game Design HQX for the awesome tutorials!

Install instructions


  1. Download and extract the files from the zip file. 
  2. Run the application.


To play the game online you will have to play it in another site (The game is not very supported on Itch.io as there are resolution bugs and sound bugs)

Link: https://play.idevgames.co.uk/game/the-maracas-alien/


Mac.app.zip 18 MB
Windows.zip 14 MB

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